SVRSFD Supports WWII Vets Ceremony on Solomons Island.
By Vice President Terry Anderson
August 2, 2019

On Friday August 2nd, 2019 the Department along with St. Mary's Bay District Tower 9 left the station for a service call to Solomons Island. The service call this day was to provide a flag arch on Solomons Island Rd just past the entrance to the island. This was so that a group of WWII veterans who were being escorted on the the island by a large group of volunteers to celebrate there service to the United States. The SVRSFD proudly support the US Military and Veterans of the Military. We as a department were honored to provide the flag arch for these brave WWII Vets.

Units: Chief 3, Chief 3B, Truck 3, Squad 3 and Ambulance 39
Mutual Aid: BDVFD Tower 9