Ambulance 38 (Final Inspection)
By Public Information Officer Norman Rea
June 29, 2020

Today Final inspection happened on Ambulance 38. Soon the unit will be delivered to the station where it will be lettered and a new image of Drum Point Lighthouse will be affixed to the back star of life. It has been a long process with everything going on in the world lately but the volunteers are very excited to welcome the new unit to the station and fleet.

5/28/2020 Earlier this year the Solomons Volunteers began the build process for the replacement of Ambulance 38. Utilizing the specs from our latest Ambulance we made some minor tweaks and were able to quickly go to construction. Ambulance 38 has progressed significantly down the assembly line and we hope will be making its debut in the first due within the next month. Ambulance 38 will continue to feature our lighthouse theme with a new perspective of the Drum Point Lighthouse.

Enjoy the pictures provided to us. The story will be updated as the build concludes.

Units: Ambulance 38