Solomons Receives Awards at 2020 SMVFA Awards
By Public Information Officer Norman Rea
December 17, 2020

This year Solomons Volunteers received several awards at the years SMVFA annual awards. We are extremely proud of our volunteers and their dedication to the citizens of our community.

Life Saves:

71 YOM CPR from a STEMI on Rousby Hall Rd.

Solomons VRS&FD: Safety 3A Walter Taylor (one of his last rides), Kayla Taylor, Rescue Lt. David Hupp, Jacob Dzialoski, EMS Capt. Alison Dickson, Jonathan Ford, & John Lewis

Unit Citations:

Boat Rescue in the Chesapeake Bay in horrid conditions
Solomons VRS&FD: Boat Capt. Chris Franklin, Asst. Chief Thomas Moore, Chief Jonathan Dalrymple