Brush 3 Construction (Update)
By Public Information Officer Norman Rea
May 26, 2021

Over the last year the apparatus committee has worked with various vendors to design and develop the new Brush 3 Unit. After careful research and analysis the department awards the contract to Skeeter Brush Trucks. With the design process over the build of the unit will begin at the end of May. Within this story we will keep a running log of its construction and deployment within the department.

5/18/2021 - Initial development of the chasis has began. Upgraded suspension will be installed, new interior consoles are fitted, bumper is being replaced, and upgraded tires are to be installed. The rear skid plate has been constructed, compartments fabricated, and the body to be assembled.

5/20/2021 - Work continues with the above.

5/26/2021 - Skid component cleaned and chasis gets its lift.

Units: Brush 3
Attachment Solomons VFD Brush 3 Specs.pdf  (1,981k)