Officer Spotlight for September 2021
By Vice President Terry Anderson
September 24, 2021

Fall is not slowing down with our newest Officer Spotlight, EMS Lieutenant Kailin Case.

Kailin is truly an amazing person. She works in the ER at Calvert Health, Calvert Fire & EMS, while also maintaining her job in the ER at Children's Hospital. But let's not forget the time Kailin finds to still volunteer here at SVRSFD at least 24 hours a month. She has the ability to be everything you need, from her witty humor to your rock in a crisis. Kailin never stops. I truly believe many of us would love to bottle up some of that Kailin Case energy for ourselves.

We at SVRSFD are very lucky to have her on our team; and as a community are blessed to get to know her as she devotes so much of her time to caring for people in need.


Hank Schlenker September 25, 2021 at 8:37 AM
A great representative of SVRSFD!