Member Spotlight for Oct 2021
By Vice President Terry Anderson
October 11, 2021

Let's sail into October with our Member Spotlight Firefighter/Fire Boat Operator Ryonn Taylor.

Ryonn joined SVRSFD April 25, 2007 as an Aide. He became a Firefighter in 2009 because he "wanted to be a part of something bigger than himself." In addition Ryonn has his VME and EVOC certificates.

So many of us have personally worked side by side with Ryonn and know that he truly has a passion in helping others and making sure that "our collective efforts make positive impacts in people's lives during some of their worst times."

Ryonn is part of our Fire Boat Operators where he contributes to many difficult tasks when on calls. "Boating and the water have been a key point of connection to the world for me."

"Since retiring from the Air Force after 20 years of service, I have found that I am happy to be a supporting and encouraging role here at Co 3. I love to help train and teach the new members that come to us." Ryonn's goal is to develop a workable training program for the departments Fire boat and zodiac.

I think we all are privileged to work with someone like Ryonn who not only has so much knowledge but is always willing to share. A man like many in our department who has served our country for our freedoms and still gives back to our community.