Solomons Participates in Woman's Health Expo
By Public Information Officer Norman Rea
May 10, 2022

Today the Solomons Volunteers participated in the 7th Annual Woman's Expo that is used to promote healthy living and life styles for woman in Calvert County. Today we were teaching the importance the need to know CPR within your community. Studies have shown that when CPR is deployed early on in a cardiac arrest situation, the probability of a saving a life grows exponentially. The Solomons Volunteers are proud to have an CPR program in which the community can take part in. Once completed individuals are certified by the American Heart Association to perform CPR on scene aiding first responders before they can arrive. We challenge all members of our community to take the CPR challenge and learn about it. You never know when the knowledge can come in handy.

If interested in registering for our free CPR classes navigate to our webpage at and sign up for a class.