Stove Fire
By Public Information Officer Norman Rea
November 25, 2022

At approximately 0100 hrs the Solomons Volunteers were dispatched for a reported stove fire. Quickly Engine 34 responded. Safety Officer 3A arrived on the scene side alpha with fire showing. While Chief 3 established the working fire command the crew from Engine 34 pulled a crossly to the front door to begin extinguishment of the fire. Shortly after Engine 71 arrived and pulled an additional line off the engine to serve as a backup. Truck 3 and Squad 7 conduct searches through the residence and secured the power to the building. Ambulance 239 established a rehab station in order to perform checkups for all victims of the fire while other EMS companies assisted with any need transportation. At approximately 0400 hrs the scene was cleared and was turned over the the state fire marshal and red cross.

Units: Engine 34, Engine 31, Truck 3, Ambulance 239, Chief 3
Mutual Aid: Engine 71, Squad 7, Various EMS Support