Boat Fire in the First Due
By Captain Brian Bowen
October 12, 2023

At 1606 the box was struck by Calvert 911 for the Marina Fire. Crews from Solomons immediately responded with the Fire Chief, Engine 31, Truck 3 and Ambulance 239. Crews pulled up at the Solomons Yachting Center to find a 34 foot Cabin Cruiser style boat with heavy smoke showing and still on the travel lift. Once Crews had foam in place they began to make a push on the fire and found a fire in the engine compartment with extension to the living area of the boat. Command held Units from Solomons and St.Leonard and returned the remainder of the balance of the box. Crews operated for an hour and a half. The boat was turned over DNR.

Units: Engine 31, Engine 34, Engine 33, Truck 3, Ambulance 239, Command 3a
Mutual Aid: St. Leonard, Hollywood, Bay District