Crews run 2nd Alarm in Chaptico
By Safety Officer Brian Bowen
February 5, 2024

At 1045 hrs St. Mary's County 911 alerted their county units to a fire in the 36300 block of Notley Woods Lane in the Chaptico area for a basement fire. During the alarm Solomons Squad 3 was alerted to St. Mary's County for a gas leak. Squad 3 arrived on scene of the gas leak as the first special service and was immediately placed in service by command and was redirected to respond to the fire in Chaptico as the next closest special service due to a MAYDAY on the fire ground.

With the Mayday on the fire ground command had requested a 2nd alarm which also brought Engine Company 3. Crews from the station responded on Engine 34 and with Squad 3 arrived at the staging point at the fire ground for 2nd alarm units. Safety Officer 3 (Bowen) was the staging officer for the 2nd alarm units. After staging for 45 units all 2nd alarm units were returned to service and went back to Calvert.

As soon as Squad 3 and Engine 34 returned to quarters, Engine 34 and Engine/Tanker 3 were requested back to St. Mary's County in the Leonardtown area for possible structure fire. Crews from Leonardtown and Bryans Road (Filling in with their ladder truck) arrived to find a faulty water heater in a basement and returned all units.

Crews from Solomons were dispatched to a total of 11 responses for the day.